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CICI ???

CICI is a simple tools generator for Codeigniter ( or CI ) Framework version 2.x or higher.

CICI is developed by using C# .NET version 2.0 or higher.

CICI can generate a Controller, Model, View and Action of a Controller, as well as configuring Codeigniter, like Autoload, Database, and Config.

CICI runs on .Net Environment 2.0 or higher.

CICI has a simple Command Line for help Developer Php with Codeigniter ( or CI ) as Framework like Zend Framework Command Line.

The license of CICI is GPL ( General Public License ).

CICI on Windows Environment is developed using Visual Studio Express 2010. 

Please see Documentation Page for CICI Command Line and Installation.

Download MySql Connector version 6.5.4 for .Net Framework ( Dot NET Framework ) if you want use 'MVC' generator on CICI, Link Download : ( Mirror : ) and Download Installer File ( .msi or .exe )  

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